The Unique KESA Approach

Over the past twenty years we have worked closely with a wide range of private, public, and not for profit organizations to clearly understand what inspires extraordinary performance and drives outstanding results. We have learned a lot.  We continue to study. It has impacted the areas we work in, the services we provide, and the unique KESA approach to partnering with and supporting leaders, teams and organizations in achieving inspired results.

Accelerating Thinking and Inspired Results in Organizations

Process Facilitation

Over the past twenty years KESA has been immersed in developing world-class team facilitation processes. What makes us exceptional is our unique coach approach to facilitation. Using effective process and combined with the right set of questions, we facilitate conversations that result in team engagement and ownership of the best solutions, strategies and actions for the challenge or opportunity at hand.

The Coach Approach

KESA believes in and is passionate about the coach approach (heck, our founding partners are former National Champion College Basketball Coaches). We believe the people who work in organizations bring tremendous skill and knowledge to the challenges and opportunities facing them. Our role is to serve as a thinking partner with you and bring good process matching the need you have supporting you in working through challenges and opportunities. We believe this results in better direction, strategies and actions being identified that you can truly own and are motivated to execute. In doing this we commit to staying with you through implementation of decisions and actions.

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