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Posted by Dave Hoy on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 06:17 AM

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Many of our initial client engagements are a request for Team Building. The conversation goes something like this: "Can you help us bring our management team together? We are not clicking on all cylinders right now".  While our answer is always, "Of course we can support you", before we commit to a traditional experiential team building workshop we engage in a series of diagnostic questions to be certain that  team building itself is the right answer.

More often than not we discover that what is holding the team back are 3 key areas:

  1. Lack of alignment to Common Purpose and Mission;
  2. A Strategic Plan to support their Common Purpose and,
  3. An understanding of how individual members of the team are expected to contribute to the overall performance of the team 

Engaging members of the team in the Strategic Conversation is the very best Team Building a management team can do.  When we begin Strategic Planning with a group, we often start with a team conversation around purpose. We ask four key questions that help align individuals to Mission and Purpose. The answers to these questions provide an opportunity to build shared understanding and common commitment for a team.


4 Questions to Identify Your Common Purpose

  • Who are our customers or clients?  

    Without these individuals or groups we would not otherwise exist.

  • What do our customers need of us? 

    What are the products and services we offer that our customers and clients need?

  • What is our value proposition? 

    What value do we bring to our clients in the delivery of our products and services? How do we fulfill the client need in ways that bring value to them?

  • What makes us extraordinary in the delivery of our value proposition? 

    What is unique and special about our value that would make our customers or clients choose us over anyone else? What is our "wow" experience?

There are, of course, other advantages to using Strategic Planning as a team building process.  For example, through the planning process, teams have the opportunity to work towards agreement and alignment on fundamental strategic priorities and core strategies for the organization. Team members also participate in the development of a clear plan for executing on business priorities when they are part of the strategic planning process.  This supports role clarity by identifying responsibilities, accountabilities and timelines. 

That said, we believe it all starts with shared understanding and common commitment to Mission and Purpose.


What is your team's common  mission and purpose?

How do you know that the team is aligned to your purpose?

When was the last time you had a team conversation about your mission and purpose?

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