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At kesa we understand the need for a rigorous process in developing, writing and executing on strategic plans. At the outset, when setting the overall strategic planning template, we will engage our clients in a dialogue around the key factors that will influence their formation of priority strategic issues.  This is an external and internal environmental scan.  Both are important, but here we focus on the external environment, as it is a key factor in the organizations ability to remain sustainable, competitive and profitable in the marketplace.


Many organizations are rightfully focused on improving internal processes to increase productivity and better manage costs.  Sometimes this is at the expense of forgetting about what is going on in their industry and markets.


Strategic planning template


So, let’s consider the external environment. Here are our Top 10 Factors in Scanning the External Environment that support strategic planning.

  1. What is our Marketplace?  - What are the characteristics that define the market for our value added and unique products and services?
  2. Who are our Customers? – How would we define our customers in terms of their buying characteristics?
  3. Who are our Competitors? – What is their business model? How do they compete in our marketplace? What is their unique value proposition?
  4. How do we define the industry overall? – How would we define the industry in terms of the business opportunity and presence in the economy?
  5. Who are Collaborators and Partners? – Who do we partner with in the delivery of our unique value, products and services? How would we characterize them in terms of our relationship with them?
  6. What are the Political Trends in our marketplace? – How will they influence our ability to perform now and in the future?
  7. What are the Economic Trends? – How is the economy trending and how does it impact our business?
  8. What are the Social Trends? – How do the social trends in the marketplace impact our business?
  9. How is Changing Technology impacting our business? – What are the technology trends that are impacting our business? How do these trends impact us?
  10. What are the Environmental Trends? – What are the Trends in the physical environment, and the environmental movement that will impact our business? How will they impact us?


At kesa we bring great process to strategic planning facilitation.  A vital step to any strategic planning session is using a coach approach to work with your leadership and management team. Resulting in shared understanding and common commitment to strategy and execution. 


For additional support and resources: 

Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be providing tools and resources for your strategic planning efforts such as: 

- One Page Strategic Planning Process

- Escan Tool

- SWOT Tool

- Strategic Issues Template

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