Definition of Sales Strategy Insanity: “Missing your number TWO quarters in a row”!

Posted by John Howey on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 07:17 AM


Did Q1 end with your Sales Team (or members of it) missing their number? Q2 started last week! Einstein’s quote defining insanity certainly applies to a sales strategy that remains the same after falling short on delivering your sales quota. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. 

Ensure your entire team gets back on track by deploying an effective Q2 sales strategy, with a mapped out reinforcement plan. 


Some questions that may help you better understand what and where to allocate your time and resources for Q2:



- What sales training systems and processes do we have in place today to reinforce good sales conversations and practices? 

- Does your sales team have role clarity in what is expected of them? Do they understand types of activities they need to concentrate on to generate results? 

- Does your sales team have the capacity to execute on what we require them to do?  

- Does your sales compensation plan reinforce the right sales behaviors?


- Do we have PIPs (performance improvement plans) in place for reps that missed their number? Are the plans tactical and will they help if executed? 

- Is my Sales Leader modeling and coaching the sales strategies identified in our strategic plan?

- What additional support, training and development would my Sales Leader benefit from?    

- Is my sales team not executing because of a “will” (motivation) or a “skill” (training) issue? What type of sales coaching conversations and guidance are needed? 



4 Quick Fixes:  


1. Any “will” (motivation) issues require performance management! Ensure documented Performance Improvement Plans are in place!   

2. Classroom training supported field coaching. Sales leaders, post their quarterly 13-week calendar with skill training and sales coaching field rides?

3. Develop Sales training by breaking down your sales process into modules 101/201/301. 20 minutes teaching/30 minutes role-playing/10 minutes of lessons learning. 

*Important* - Sales role-playing should be based on real sales situations and the most challenging objections and situations your reps face. 

4. Develop a one page Quarterly Sales Action Plan for each sales rep. This document should include forecasted sales vs. actual (to insure they are on pace). Leading measurable sales indicators (i.e. activity, funnel, targets etc…). Their top 3 priorities and strategy’s (smart) to achieve them. Use this as your guide for your sales coaching conversations for each rep!  


An important points to remember here are that some systems, processes and people issues may not have a quick fix. However, like Einstein defined insanity, “… doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. 


Additional resources that may support you: 

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