Leadership Makes a Difference

Leadership through Strategic Direction Goals

Leaders do make a significant difference in enabling and supporting people to achieve high levels of performance and extraordinary results. With the right strategic direction goals, organizational priorities, core strategies and actions defined and being implemented, along with an organizational structure that has the right people in roles they are well suited for, leaders are well positioned to make a difference.

leadership development

Our passion is supporting and developing leaders to confidently lead people to inspired performance and results. Our commitment is to partner with leaders using a “coach approach” that results in high skill, real development, and motivation.

Customized Leadership Development

  • Organizational leadership competency identification aligned to organizational goals and priorities.
  • Customized development of leadership development learning modules.
  • Appropriate delivery of highly interactive and experiential leadership development program using face-to-face and online learning.
  • Identification and implementation of clear opportunities for application of learning to embed skills.
  • Individual leadership development plans that are aligned to roles and organizational goals and priorities.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of leadership development program to ensure key performance metrics are achieved.
  • Triage Leadership - KESA has developed it’s own signature approach to leader communication and approach we call Triage Leadership ©. This model supports leader triage assessment of where individuals are at and then determines the right approach to leadership for the specific situation. KESA provides skill development for leaders providing specific tools and processes that work in enabling people to be truly engaged and fully accountable.

Leader Coaching

  • One on one coaching of leaders in support of achievement of identified goals and priorities and accelerate thinking and performance.
  • Implementation of a coaching culture in organizations using KESA’s Triage Leadership model that supports achievement of individual and team performance.
  • Team coaching of leadership teams to enhance team performance
  • Leading edge leadership presentations geared towards accelerating leader performance.