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Team Building

Team Building Using the Experiential Learning Model

Successful learning by participants is no accident. The experiential learning model when correctly applied can be a very powerful tool. This presentation will demonstrate an approach to team building using experiential learning and will describe each step in the model and its appropriate application. Download now!

The Sales and Marketing 2.0 Playbook

The Sales and Marketing 2.0 Playbook

Improving sales performance is one of the top challenges facing most businesses today. Our Playbook lays out the fundamental steps for building an effective sales and marketing strategy that can turn your sales investments into profits. Download now!

5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance Conversations

5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance Conversations

The most successful conversations are a win-win for both manager and employee involving clear communication, shared understanding and a mutually agreed path for going forward. Here are some guidelines for winning performance conversations. Download now!


What Does Employee Turnover Cost
Your Company?

While many managers know that replacing someone costs a lot of time, energy and lost productivity, few can put a dollar figure on it. Unfortunately, for those who propose investment in human capital  as a way to improve retention and productivity, lack of a hard cost means that investment gets put on the back burner. Download now!

KESA has been instrumental in gaining consensus for our annual targets and actions and ensuring we stay on task. The results have been tremendous and we are about to go back into our strategic planning cycle again with their support.

Larry Kaumeyer, President

In terms of leadership KESA "get's it" they bring an effective blend of real leadership experience combined with a rich adult education background and excellent facilitation skills. We were very pleased with the work they have done with our leadership team.

Steve Rapanos, Branch Manager

The KESA Team has provided a well-structured, professional forum for our leadership team to focus on prioritizing strategies, and ensures we are aligned to a common goal. The training and facilitation methods that they have provided to all levels of our organization have proven instrumental in our ongoing success.

Kris Mauthe, Chief Operating Officer