Strategic Management and Implementation

Organized for Success – Being Clear About Functional Structure, Roles, and Accountable for Results

“Form follows function”. The ability to deliver on the organization’s vision, goals, priorities and strategies is dependent upon; having the right structure in place, with skilled, motivated and capable people in the right roles, clear about accountabilities and expectations, well supported to achieve results.Purpose to Kesa

We support organizations by bringing KESA’s unique, focused “Purpose to Structure” (P2S™) process to organizations and their identified business functions to; clearly define the required roles inclusive of skills and capabilities, in the most logical and appropriate functional structure, aligned with a guiding purpose that is, in turn, aligned with your vision, mission, and key direction.

Our commitment includes support for full implementing of the changes associated with the revised structure that enable people to embrace new roles and accountabilities.

In functional areas of the organization KESA can provide more direct support. Specifically KESA is able to work directly to support effective implementation of the sales function to support achievement of sustainable performance.

*Noted below is what we do and the services we offer.

Purpose to Structure (P2S)

  • Completion of comprehensive P2S process to determine functional organizational structure inclusive of roles, reporting relationship and communications structure that align to the organizations; Vision and Goals, Strategic Priorities, Core Strategies and Strategic Actions
  • Development of an implementation plan for revising the organizational structure and the major changes associated with it.
  • Follow through support for effectively managing the implementation of revised organizational structure.

Role Clarity and Accountability

  • Development of role and accountability profiles for each position, including the tools and process for communication and implementation of roles