Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning starts with Clear Direction,
Strategy, Action and Execution 

Strategic PlanningFundamentally the success of the organization is based on shared understanding and
common commitment to; a clear Vision for Success, compelling Goals, a concise set of Strategic Priorities and Core Strategies, a comprehensive 1- 3 year Action Plan, and disciplined accountability to Execution.

We support organizations by providing the right set of planning tools and best practice processes to develop, map, document and follow through to execution Strategic Direction, Priorities and Actions. We promise that you will truly be committed to and own your Plan. We will stay with you right through the process to execution, measurement and evaluation. Your Planning Team will think and act and behave strategically and your organization will be truly engaged and accountable to deliver intended results.

*Noted below is the range of KESA services in strategic planning

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitating your Planning Meeting
  • Mission, Vision and Goals Development
  • Environmental Scanning tools and approach to determining Strategic Issues
  • Scenario Planning approach to longer range planning
  • Strategic Issues Identification and Prioritization
  • Strategic Plan Development

Strategic Action Plan Development

  • Detailed Action Planning and Documentation

Execution Support

  • Ongoing monitoring, measurement, evaluation and adjustment of the Strategic Plan and Strategic Action Plan