Team Building

Collaborative culture is not an accident it is intentional and requires development.

team building kesaWhen individuals and teams choose to collaborate, the power of teams can truly accelerate performance and achieve greater results. The conditions are set when first, there is clarity of direction and purpose goals and priorities, and second, when roles and accountabilities are clear and the functional structure is in place. Leaders can take this and then build their organizations “internal brand” – the culture of how we choose to work together to achieve the results and
performance we want.

At KESA we have been immersed in our own deep dive on collaboration and teams for more that 20 years. We pride ourselves in facilitating highly interactive, experiential, fun and engaging workshops for organizations that heighten their understanding of collaboration and teamwork. Moreover our commitment to organizations is to assist them in both defining their internal brand and being intentional about clearly defining their collaborative culture.

Here is what we do:

Team Development – Building high performance teams

  • Building a common approach to support the internal brand, and develop high levels of accountability that organizations truly need for performance and results.

Team Building Activities

  • Fun, interactive, experiential team development sessions, workshops and games where real learning occurs, relationships are fostered, and collaborative culture is identified.

Team Coaching

  • Ongoing facilitation to support team learning and growth. Tools and processes for effective meetings, problem solving, decision making for achieving results.