Raising the Bar

At KESA, we inspire Leaders*, Teams and organizations to raise the bar.

We Listen First, We Guide, Support and Challenge towards results

*Every Person Has the Capacity To Lead

Our process

Making an Impact With Leadership Development

KESA provides development for leaders providing practical tools, techniques and processes that build confidence, and increase engagement and accountability.

Our programs are led by facilitators who have real world experience both working in and with organizations across Canada and internationally.

Leadership 21 Essentials

The 32-hour program (4 days)  introduces participants to a series of powerful tools and techniques that allow leaders to navigate a dynamic business environment. 

Leadership 21 Advanced

This unique program is for individuals, teams, and organizations that are looking for an intensive leadership development experience.

Finding Your Way Through Change

Designed to provide leaders with the tools, techniques, and processes to lead their teams and organizations through the chaos of an increasingly competitive landscape.

Leading for High Performance

a 21-hour program designed to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead individuals, teams, and organizations toward exceptional performance and sustainable success.

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Enabling Organizations to Thrive Since 1998

Since 1998, we’ve supported clients in every sector of the economy, locally, nationally, and
KESA comprises a seasoned team of executives and practitioners driven by a singular mission:
to accelerate the human potential within organizations.
Our focus lies in translating your organizational development and training endeavours into
impactful and lasting learning experiences.


At the heart of success lies a well-defined direction, meticulous analysis, thoughtfully crafted actions, and a cohesive plan for execution.


We are deeply committed to nurturing and cultivating leaders with the confidence and competence to guide their teams toward inspired performance and tangible results.


Our approach centers on partnering with leaders and teams, utilizing a coaching methodology that fosters skill enhancement, concrete outcomes, and sustained motivation.

Nine Tips for Leading People through Tough Times

Are you experiencing significant challenges in your organization or team? Are you looking for simple straightforward actions you can take to get your people through these times? These 9 tips will provide you with a selection of proven techniques to lead people through the challenges they are experiencing.

250+ Clients

Word on the street

Over the past twenty years, KESA has been immersed in developing world-class team facilitation processes. What makes us exceptional is our unique coach approach to facilitation. Using an effective process, combined with the right set of questions, we facilitate conversations that result in genuine engagement and ownership of the best solutions, strategies, and actions for the challenge or opportunity at hand.

We bring kesa in once a month to work with our high level management group on helping us navigate our way through succession and re-vitalization in the manufacturing division of Edmonton Exchanger.

They have been a good sounding board with good advise and analytical processes to help us through the journey. We are counting on their continued help in the future!.

Larry Gusse
President, Edmonton Exchanger Group Of Companies

Thank you for the guidance, understanding and knowledge that the KESA team brought to NorthWind. The extensive Leadership training provided to (and with) our top managers has had a significant and positive impact on our operations and the processes we observe as a company.

I am confident that the Company Core Values we developed within the sessions are truly one of the most valuable resources we will use to move forward and grow, both individually and as a company. Our Values are central to our every decision and are the starting point when executing the Triage Leadership strategies we learned throughout the process.

You have helped us create a culture of communication, transparency and accountability that is universally essential for all generations within our team. As we look to “Raise the Bar”, thank you for providing the intellectual tools to do it!

Patti Glenn
Internal Operations & Facilities Manager, NorthWind Land Resources

The KESA team led us through a process to articulate our purpose and culture and to define our key strategic priorities for the coming years. This involved them quickly getting up to speed on our industry dynamics and business model and leading us through an analysis of our external environment as well as a candid assessment of our internal capabilities.

From the outset of the process to implementation of the strategic initiatives, the KESA team provided us with tailored frameworks and tools as well as effective thought partnership.

Donald C. Wheaton, & Hafeez Kassam
First Canadian Financial Group