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Kesa Coaching

Certified Executive Coaching

Executive coaching occurs one-on-one and is designed to help unearth the possibilities within. We establish a partnership where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on topic areas of importance to our clients are explored in a safe, confidential, and challenging space.

The client is the driver of the experience. Each coaching session focuses on what they want to work on. Coaching sessions are an opportunity to step off of the ‘moving sidewalk’ people are on at work or in life and take stock of the progress they are making towards their goals.

KESA coaches are International Coach Federation ICF accredited and have coached leaders at all levels of organizations for 16 years.

Team Coaching

Whether it’s a management team, project team or work team, the opportunity to focus efforts in a carefully designed process has been invaluable to our clients. Our team coaching methodology is born out of two decades of own research and experience.

KESA has successfully coached teams including corporate and government management teams, 7 professional hockey teams, Medical teams, and a wide variety of Project teams.

Team coaching serves to embed the critical elements required for high performance by ensuring team members are clear about team purpose, the shared work that needs to be accomplished, role clarity among team members and establishment of values and commitments.

KESA - Team Coaching
KESA - Team Coaching 3

Performance Coaching – Thinking into Results

Our team member Lori-Ann Meunzer bring her world-class process to personal performance.

Thinking Into Results is a one-of-a-kind system based on over 75 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement: what really makes successful people successful.

Developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor and legendary corporate attorney Sandy Gallagher, it is the most powerful process EVER created for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream or desire into reality.