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KESA has had the privilege of working with some of the finest organizations in North America in multiple sectors including: Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Banking, Government, Legal, Oil and Gas Service, and NHL Hockey Teams.

Here are a few of the clients we’ve recently worked with

Case Study!

Learn How an up and coming Engineering Firm Positioned themselves for Future Success With KESA Inc. 

Client Success

Thank you for the guidance, understanding and knowledge that the KESA team brought to NorthWind. The extensive Leadership training provided to (and with) our top managers has had a significant and positive impact on our operations and the processes we observe as a company.

I am confident that the Company Core Values we developed within the sessions are truly one of the most valuable resources we will use to move forward and grow, both individually and as a company. Our Values are central to our every decision and are the starting point when executing the Triage Leadership strategies we learned throughout the process.

You have helped us create a culture of communication, transparency and accountability that is universally essential for all generations within our team. As we look to “Raise the Bar”, thank you for providing the intellectual tools to do it!

Patti Glenn

Internal Operations & Facilities Manager, NorthWind Land Resources

We bring kesa in once a month to work with our high level management group on helping us navigate our way through succession and re-vitalization in the manufacturing division of Edmonton Exchanger. They have been a good sounding board with good advise and analytical processes to help us through the journey. We are counting on their continued help in the future!.

Larry Gusse

President, Edmonton Exchanger Group Of Companies

The KESA team led us through a process to articulate our purpose and culture and to define our key strategic priorities for the coming years.  This involved them quickly getting up to speed on our industry dynamics and business model and leading us through an analysis of our external environment as well as a candid assessment of our internal capabilities.  From the outset of the process to implementation of the strategic initiatives, the KESA team provided us with tailored frameworks and tools as well as effective thought partnership.

Donald C. Wheaton, & Hafeez Kassam

First Canadian Financial Group

Thank you, Mark and Paul, for listening.  Owning a business and navigating through the changing times can often be difficult to maintain focus and ensuring our team is on the same track.  KESA custom-tailored a training (coaching) program to fit Eng-Con and help reconnect and strengthen our team.  The interactive sessions were engaging and everyone participated.  It’s comforting to know that all the key members of our team helped create this path and that we are now heading in the same direction.

Jason Babichuk

President, Eng-Con Holdings

It was a pleasure to have Kesa come to Steadfast Engineering and provide consulting services. We learned how to work more effectively on the business and how not to get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday work. The year that Kesa helped us, we had an increase in revenue and productivity! Thanks Paul and Mark!

Dean Anderson

M.Eng., P.Eng. , Steadfast Engineering Ltd.

I recently contracted with KESA to help me lead my team through a phase of significant growth and to nurture the desire, skills and behaviors required to help us “play big.” I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs to improve execution, strengthen team, or increase accountability.

Chris Porter

Vice-President Eng-Con Holdings.

Kesa has helped us clearly define our strategic direction with goals and actions that the whole team is able to relate to and execute at an individual level. Their professional yet personal approach to supporting our needs has contributed significantly to how employees view their roles and accountability within the company.

Darcy Fitzgerald

Executive Director, Alberta Pork

We’ve worked with KESA over the last 10 years, most recently on a ‘Business Development and Sales Stategy’. The approach was ‘real world’ and very applicable. KESA’s 30-60-90 day follow up approach is a good method of holding our team accountable.

Kent Fargey

President. Western Archrib

I approached Scott Robinson from KESA to discuss the support for organizational values we were looking for.  He listened carefully to my comments and with that information he built and then reviewed with me, what he felt would work for us.  I felt that process was important to set up not only where we wanted to get to but also what we needed to do with our Values once we achieved our goal of reworking them.  Throughout his engagement, Scott worked with the CEO, the Board, the senior leadership team, the full staff team and the full volunteer team in sessions which featured much different groups sizes and many different perspectives.  We look forward to working with Scott and kesa again. 


Chief Executive Officer, Hockey Alberta

Case Study!

Learn How an up and coming Engineering Firm Positioned themselves for Future Success With KESA Inc. 

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