The Need for a Kick Start!

The World has changed; we all know that. As we emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we have to prepare and ensure our organizations and leadership teams are ready for the “new normal.” Keeping your team Aligned, Energized and Prepared to deliver the programs, services and products to your Customers and Clients is critical in this new reality. Use these questions to help kick-start you and your team.

1. Re-engage around your Purpose

Helpful Questions to Kick Start your Team
What has changed that might affect our core purpose as an organization?
What are we hearing from our customers?
What are we seeing happening to our customers?
How does our customer experience influence what we deliver as value to them?
How has what made us successful in the past changed?
What do we need to continue doing, de-emphasize or stop doing, and what do we need to start doing?
What will extraordinary performance look like for our team despite the challenges we are facing?

2. Refocus your Priorities

Helpful Questions to Kick Start your Team
How have our priorities been impacted since the outbreak?
Where are they still relevant?
Where do our priorities need to change?
What is the single most important action we need to take to ensure our success as a team?
What will we measure to confirm we are executing our priorities?
Why do our priorities matter now?

3. Refresh your Leadership Approach

Helpful Questions to Kick Start your Team
What is setting the bar for my team now?
What questions will I ask my team to gain greater insight into what they are experiencing
Where and when will I guide, support, and challenge my team towards the result?

Moving Forward

Even in the COVID-19 environment, there is an opportunity to get ahead of your competition and deliver extraordinary results. You will need to take deliberate action to lead your team through this “new normal.” Re-engaging around your purpose, refocusing your priorities and refreshing your leadership approach will set you apart.