Project Leadership

Where Art Meets Science

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. 

 – Arnold Glasow

Project leadership – where art meets science is designed to take the essential principles of project management (the science) and puts them in the context of human-centered design principles, focusing on the essential alignment of the people that will collaborate to successfully complete the work (the art!).

This unique program is for individuals, teams and organizations that are looking to embed essential project management skills from the critical perspective of collaboration and leadership. The program introduces participants to a series of powerful tools and techniques that allows project managers to develop the essential leadership routines to drive desired outcomes in project execution. Most importantly, the tools and techniques can be used immediately with positive impact.

KESA programs are led by facilitators who have real world experience both working in and with organizations across Canada and internationally.

Project Leadership Program Elements

KESA’s Project Leadership Program is presented in five theme areas. These include:

Building a Solid Foundation

The People

The Proposal


The Contract

The Process

Building A Solid Foundation

  • A Leadership Mindset
  • Fostering Customer Loyalty
  • Looking at the Big Picture
  • Project Planning
  • Essential Priorities

The People 

  • Build and Manage Your Team For Success
  • Set Your Team up For Success
  • Working With Project Stakeholders
  • Communicate for Results
  • Enable Trust
  • Accountability
  • Plan Ahead for Conflict

The Proposal

  • Develop High-Value Customer Proposals
  • Build and Effective Business Case
  • Absolute Clarity on Scope
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Opportunity and Risk

The Contract

  • Understand Contract Basics
  • Procurement Agreements
  • Scope Definition
  • Manage Change

The Process

  • Industry Best Practices
  • Project Performance Tracking
  • Objectives and Key Results
  • Time Management

How To Enroll for Project Leadership Program

This on-line program consists of 5 – 1.5 hour sessions and is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. Please click the below button to register. Investment – $985.00 per participant.

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