Purpose to Structure

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.  

 – Jack Welch

As organizations grow and mature, organizational structures often require redesign to ensure that the organization is structured to meet the changing needs of the business. KESA’s 32 hour Purpose to Structure Program is designed to provide your team with essential tools and techniques to redesign your structure to meet the challenge of new business needs and realities in the context of your organization. We follow a model called “Purpose to Structure.” This model defines a process to identify an effective working structure. It reinforces the perspective that what is fundamental to the success of any structure is its alignment to the organization’s guiding vision, purpose, and strategic objectives.

Once an effective organizational structure is agreed upon, we will teach you to establish critical strategic priorities for the organization that are aligned with the organization’s purpose. What is essential to the success of your strategic plan is to establish a disciplined process to execute on the priorities that are identified. Participants will be introduced to a set of practical tools and techniques to develop and embed new routines to “work on the business”.

Kesa programs are led by facilitators who have real-world experience both working in and with organizations across Canada and internationally.

Purpose to Structure Program Elements

Purpose to Structure Program is presented in three theme areas.


Thinking and Acting Strategically


Purpose Driven Organizational Structure

Effective Execution for Successful Change

INVESTMENT : $2400* per participant

*subject to minimum of 6 participants.

32 Hours Of In -Person Sessions


Program materials (electronic)

Certificate Of Completion

Thinking and Acting Strategically

  • Defining Purpose – Knowing why before how
  • Scanning the environment – externally and internally
  • Value Proposition Canvas – knowing what your customers really care about
  • Developing strategic issues
  • Establishing Top-Line Objectives and Key Results

Purpose Driven Organizational Structure

  • Identifying Mission Critical Business Systems and Critical Success Factors
  • Designing Roles based on functions, tasks, competencies, and capabilities
  • Developing organizational structure that is aligned with your purpose and strategy

Effective Execution for Successful Change

  • Developing Cascading Objectives and Key Results OKR
  • Designing a Plan for Action
  • Communicating for Alignment

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