Sales Coaching

A Sustained Competitive Advantage is Being World Class in Sales 


Sales Reprentative

A recent KESA study revealed that 44% of sales people receive little to no coaching. Of the 56 percent who are coached 96% attribute their success to sales coaching they receive from their managers.

The Sales Executive Council’s research with 2000 sales professionals showed that salespeople who are coached for three hours a month, on average, achieve 107% of their quota.

Sales Managers

If you want your salespeople to become and sustain a world-class status you need to be a good role model for them. As you evolve so does your team. Consider this truth: Your team is a reflection of you.

The majority of sales managers are not coached by their managers and, therefore, have few role models. Rather than developing their salespeople, many sales managers are filling the role of super salesperson on their teams. While it is great that they lead by example, it is more important that they share the secrets of their success.

Sales Coaching

The goal of sales coaching is to improve performance.

Sales training vs. coaching: Trainers teach you how to play the game; a sales coach teaches you how to perfect your game, while building in the added accountability to ensure you actually play and achieve your high score every game.

Noted below is the range of KESA services in Sales Coaching

Individual Sales Coaching

We work with the individual salesperson on their sales performance! Including pipeline (opportunities in their sales funnel), sales activity and sales strategy. We assist the salesperson in developing the sales strategy, actions and activities that will build a competitive advantage and advance their sales and improve their performance.

Team Sales Coaching

Coaching for professional sales teams to develop a sales strategy and activities that enhance the effectiveness of their sales process and improve their sales effectiveness. These coaching sessions are used to advance the sales of the group (i.e. complex and target account selling), but in a setting where the entire sales team can share the lessons and feedback as a group.

Sales Management Coaching

Sales management comes with a unique set of responsibilities and challenges. For new sales managers, the transition is often a difficult one, even for those who have succeeded in sales. For veteran Sales Management having an unbiased advisor and coach in your corner to support, offer new ideas and perspectives is a competitive advantage. These coaching sessions are designed to help ensure that Sales Management is effective in generating increased sales through the management of their sales team.

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