Strategy Design

Strategic Planning

At KESA, we believe that the success of your organization is based on a shared understanding and shared commitment to your Purpose, Priorities, and Approach. How we approach achieving this outcome will vary depending on what you desire from a strategic planning process as well as what is feasible and viable, given your organization’s current situation.

We take pride in avoiding fluff and jargon in our process and have a bias towards straightforward, common-sense approaches to strategy design. You might be looking for an approach to strategic planning that is tailored to your organization’s needs versus an off-the-shelf, standardized process.

Your best benefit may come from a simple and direct approach that will quickly focus on key issues and actions that you can take immediately. This approach starts with you defining what you believe to be the key challenges or opportunities facing your organization in the form of strategic issues. Once the issue is clearly defined, we will work with your team to coordinate actions to address the strategic issue.

In your current situation, your best benefit may come from a more comprehensive approach. The process would start by confirming the fundamental purpose of your organization and its supporting values. From that foundation, we will work with you to perform a thorough strategic analysis and the development of a comprehensive plan based on clear objectives, supported by coherent actions, and monitored with measurable key results.

Kesa’s Strategy Design process enables a common approach to getting work done. The people in your organization will think, act, and behave strategically, and embrace their accountability to deliver intended results

Strategic Management

Strong structure. Strong results.

In today’s global marketplace, only the strong survive. The structure of your organization or individual working unit needs to reflect its purpose. When it doesn’t, you can’t identify and capitalize on opportunities or successfully overcome business challenges.

Purpose to Structure is an exciting and effective model that provides a process for: